Upper & Lower Secure Smile Teeth Combo
Upper & Lower Secure Smile Teeth Combo

Upper & Lower Secure Smile Teeth Combo

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Enjoy our Upper & Lower Secure Smile Cosmetic Fake Teeth combo that includes the Upper Device, Lower Device, Full Adhesive & $15 SecureSmileTeeth.com Gift Card Code.

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Do shy away from smiling? Are you looking for an affordable, at home cosmetic dental makeover?With this special combo, you will receive the following:

(1) Upper Secure Smile Fake Teeth ($39.99 value)

(1) Lower Secure Smile Fake Teeth ($52.96 value)

(1) Full tube of Secure Denture Adhesive ($11.97 value)

(1) $15.00 Gift Card Code to our website www.SecureSmileTeeth.com for use on a future purchase. Code will have an expiration date of 2 – 3 months from your order date.

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Our Special Price: $87.77

Please note: Ordering the Upper & Lower teeth together in this combo will void your return policy. To learn more, click HERE for FAQ’s.

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Upper & Lower Secure Smile Cosmetic Teeth

Is your smile, dragging you away from all those memories being captured! Is your face lacking that charm to be picture perfect? The reason behind it is the smile you carry, with improper teeth. Having white and well managed teeth is the dream of nearly everyone. However, this dream is hindered sometimes due to the yellowish and cracked teeth.

Secure Smile Teeth have given a revolutionary solution to all your queries related to your teeth and smile. We have efficiently provided a home dental makeover product which helps you to get that perfect touch to your face. Yes, the solution is temporary teeth. Also, known as fake cosmetic teeth, they are made from dental acrylic which accurately fits your teeth and gums with ease.

Our efficient team provides you with the best fake teeth, which comes with startling natural colors which is not bright white, but translucent for a realistic look. The gum and tooth size of the acrylic fitting teeth is comfortable enough to give you a natural look. The veneers, we provide you are content enough to be worn for regular wear. They can also easily be removed at the time of any kind of dental problems. They also help you to carry all your regular activities with ease without interfering your speech.

Choosing fake straight teeth for yourself includes the following benefits:

When you buy false teeth, they give you the best natural look. The mimic light they provide you with gives you an incredible look with thin and watery look.

The artificial teeth are made with acrylic, and hence, gives you durability which would last-long. The minimum age of the teeth is approximately 10-15 years, without any side effects.

The teeth are made with a color that suits your actual color. They are given a color which suits the original teeth for a perfect look.

The temporary teeth come with quick results. Yes, you don’t need a doctor to fit them. You can carry it on your own at home.

This kind of artificial teeth can also support your crooked teeth or say fractured teeth, with a stain free look.

You now don’t need to rush to the dentists for costly treatments. The cheap teeth veneers give you a budgeted smile.

Have a visit to Secure Smile Teeth for that most awaited and lavishing smile.