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Lower Cosmetic Fake Teeth Cover Veneer

Lower Cosmetic Fake Teeth Cover Veneer


Do you shy away from smiling? Are you searching for an affordable, at home cosmetic dental makeover that is Guaranteed?

Our Secure Smile Cosmetic Fake Teeth Shell is made out of a high quality dental acrylic and goes over your original lower teeth and gums. You do not have to visit a dentist to fit our product as you will spend about 30 minutes at your home fitting the shell when you receive it. Our Cosmetic Teeth are the most realistic cosmetic fake teeth you can buy to improve your smile.

The teeth look amazing and gums are natural in color, not a fake bright white, and have a slightly translucent appearance like that of real tooth enamel. The back of the shell has a ledge (as seen in the photos) that will go over any existing lower teeth you have. In order to wear the product you must have your first canine and molar on each side. Without these required teeth, the device will not work for you.

The custom fitting takes about 30+ minutes and requires a glass of hot water, a mirror and nail file (included with females). Detailed instructions and a full tube of Secure Denture Adhesive are included. When you receive your package, you may call our special help line for any fitting questions you may have. Your purchase is backed by our 60 Day, No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee!

Please note with the lower device, you must order adhesive in order to wear this product. Please do not attempt to fit the lower device with thermal beads as they will not work.

60 Day No Questions Asked

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